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My Top 10 of why Spring isn't so bad

Spring used to be my favorite season when I was growing up (then it changed to Fall). It was the time of playing in the yard, getting rid of my heavy coat, and it was the sign of nature going back to life. Even if my favorite season is Fall, Spring still has some good points.

Top 5 of my favorite TV shows
Buffy The Vampire Slayers
Buffy will always be the first of my top favorite TV shows until I die. Started to watch it when it came on French TV in 1998, and I basically grew up with it. I HAD to watch the all serie once or twice every year, it was like a tradition.
During the airing of Buffy in France, another serie was being popular, « Charmed ». It was almost like a fight among people to know in which « team » you were. I watched both shows actually, and always felt more attracted to Buffy for some reasons.

Anxiety, a mental disorder we should care about

What’s anxiety and how does it work ?

Anxiety disorder usually touch young adults from the age of 25 to 44 years old, but it can affect children as well. It is often said that anxiety, and depression work together. It is not all the time, but it is nice to keep this in mind so we can keep an eye on the person so she doesn’t fall into deep in depression, but if this occurs (there is nothing dramatic here), she will be taking care of just in time.
Anxiety is an emotion used to draw our attention to a potential danger so we can take all the precautions needed to avoid it. So it is pretty normal to have anxiety. However, it can happens that some persons have an anxiety way too high, resulting into an confusing routine, making life impossible, and could be a drastic risk to his/her health.

Pot-au-feu (Beef Stew) Recipe

I’m back with a recipe this time ! I’m not a great cook. Actually, I mostly burn everything I try to cook, but it doesn’t stop me from trying, and with time I’m getting better at it. For a few months, I had my eyes on a Cookeo from Moulinex (picture below). You just have to add your ingredients, and it will cook by itself, which was just the perfect machine for me.
Luckily for me, my grand-parents decided to get it for me for Christmas and I was so greatful ! (it is not cheap… My version which is I think the basic one cost around 200€/$238/176£).
And with the Winter season clearly here, I decided to try the « Pot au feu » recipe, and it was just delicious !

Good Bye 2017 !

If I had to describe 2017 with only one word, it would be: HELL. I think, that year has been the worse ever! I’ve read on social media and/or some blogs, that I wasn’t the only one who that past year has been hard.
Lucky for me (or not in this case), I have a good memory. So let’s take a look at what 2017 looked like.
I decided to start the year with a few rules other than resolutions.
First, stay single. After a disastrous 2016 with relationships, I decided it was time to think about me and only ME. Time to reflect on what went wrong, what I truly wanted in a relationship and did not want, and mostly, it was time to gain that self-esteem, jerks had been hitting so damn hard for the past couple of years.
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