Top 5 of my favorite TV shows
Buffy The Vampire Slayers
Buffy will always be the first of my top favorite TV shows until I die. Started to watch it when it came on French TV in 1998, and I basically grew up with it. I HAD to watch the all serie once or twice every year, it was like a tradition.
During the airing of Buffy in France, another serie was being popular, « Charmed ». It was almost like a fight among people to know in which « team » you were. I watched both shows actually, and always felt more attracted to Buffy for some reasons.
As the firstborn of five children, and with a mother in depression and alcoholic, I didn’t really had a role-model to look up to. When looking back to this, I guess I was looking to the feminine characters as a role-model : specially Buffy, and Willow. I even started to get interested into magic. I wanted to be cool ahah. Seeing girls can take care of themselves help me al well in my daily life. If they could, why not me ?
Growing up and watching the serie again, I started to understand some things I didn’t when I was younger, because, well I was too young to get some jokes, or some advice Giles would gave to Buffy.

Once Upon A Time
As a huge fan of Disney, I was so excited when they announced OUAT on TV. It was the first show I’ve seen on TV when I moved to the US, so this TV serie will forever be important to me. I remember clearly the first time I watched the first episode, because I had a hard time to follow the scenes between Storybrooke, and the Enchanted Forest. I had to watch it a second time with French subtitles to understand how the show was working. From this point, I got amazed with how the scriptwriter used fairy tales we used to know, and add some new content.
Quickly I felt in love with Snow, and Belle for their personalities. Another strong point I liked are the costumes. They are just AMAZING.
Through the seasons, the serie got me believe in destiny, and hope. Destiny for the romantic person I am, and the hope because, in 2018, we seriously lack of hope.

I have a special bond with Supernatural. It’s because of it that I started my writing project NEACIA. I enjoyed watching it from the very beginning. As a big fan of paranormal I got quickly into the story of those two bad-ass brothers. Aside from the « horror » theme, I loved the humor between the siblings.
The introduction of the various characters season after season never cease to impress me. No one is alike, and all have a purpose in the scenario. No one is left behind. And of course, Castiel is a wonderful character that must be hard to play but Misha Collins does a wonderful job.
Honestly, I never thought the show will last that long!

Stargate SG-1
I remembered my parents watching Stargate every week when it was on TV. I was little so I would watched it with them, but won’t really understand the all story. It’s when I reached my teen years that I decided to watch it again (okay, I had a crush on O’Neill, the one with two “l” :p). I got amazed with how well the universe has been written. All those different planets, languages…
I always found the opening quite amazing as well.
The cast is fantastic. Carter was always my favorite, with how smart she was, and Teal’c was funny once he started to understand humor.
For those who are wondering, I did enjoyed “Stargate Atlantis” as well! :)

The “Moonlight” serie was not too popular in France sadly, and overall it lasted only one season with a cliffhanger… There were talks about a movie to give fans a true end, but it was never made.
“Moonlight” was the story of a private detective Mick St. John (played by Alex O’Loughlin) and Beth Turner (played by Sophia Myles), a reporter, who has the habit to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
The show was mostly based on their romance and Mick’s past.
“Moonlight” deserved its place in my Top 5 as it was the FIRST TV show I was so happy to see on TV. It was the first time that I was watching a TV show from the start to the last episode during its airing time. (I’m usually years late on TV shows).

What would be your Top 5 ? 

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